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Advisor to the Cadet Commander

     Cadet Colonel Estelle Roche joined the Civil Air Patrol in September 2017 at the age of thirteen, hoping to someday earn her private pilot's license. She has since achieved the rank of Cadet Colonel, earning the General Carl A. Spaatz award. 
     C/Col Roche’s long and productive Civil Air Patrol career is a testament to her dedication to the program. In 2019, C/Col Roche was recognized for her outstanding work within the Squadron and was awarded the Daughters of the American Revolution Cadet of the Year Award. After graduating from Tri-Wing Encampment in 2019, C/Col Roche returned to staff the event in 2021 as a Standards and Evaluations Officer.  She also served as the Cadet Commander of Airmen Leadership School in 2022. 
     C/Col Roche was also accepted to the Robert Ayres Memorial Flight Academy, an extremely competitive National Cadet Special Activity where cadets have the opportunity to earn their solo. On July 8th, 2021, C/Col Roche earned her solo wings at Hagerstown Airport. Furthering her pilot career, Roche was awarded the WINGS scholarship and completed her private pilot certificate in July 2022. In July 2023, she went to Australia through the International Air Cadet Exchange.
     C/Col Roche has made incredible contributions to the Squadron while serving in a wide variety of positions; Flight Sergeant, Flight Commander, Public Affairs Officer, Recruiting Officer, Cadet Deputy Commander for Support, and Cadet Commander. After a productive term as the Cadet Commander of College Park Squadron, she has assumed the role of Advisor to the Cadet Commander. 

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