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Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Yuma Rudie joined the Civil Air Patrol during 2018 at the age of thirteen. He joined with an interest in leadership and the military aspect of the program. C/Lt Col Rudie’s leadership journey really began when he was selected for the position of First Sergeant at College Park Composite Squadron. This saw him gain experience in leading others and making executive level decisions, something he found particularly engaging. He was then selected as Hotel Flight Commander and developed camaraderie within the flight and saw many of his cadets go onto become successful staff members within the squadron. This phase in his leadership journey saw him gain experience in mentoring and teaching others and gain experience in the people aspect of leadership. He was then selected as the squadron Aerospace officer which saw him run a rocketry program and work to make Aerospace lessons more engaging, using lessons that involved the creation of and testing of objects by cadets. Then C/Lt Col Rudie was selected as the squadron Deputy Commander of Teams. Which saw him manage the squadron's special teams including, Color Guard, StellarXplorers, CAC, Warrior Challenge, and Cadet Competition teams. The next big step in C/Lt Col Rudie’s leadership journey was becoming College Park Squadron Deputy Commander of Operations. A mouthful, I know. This position sees him lead the squadron's flight staff and by extension the squadron's flights, the backbone of the squadron. When describing his position C/Lt Col Rudie says, “This position has taught me how to push a department toward success. Before in my leadership journey I wasn’t always thinking about how to make this group as good as they can be. However, I’m required to do that within this position. Which has been very challenging but also very rewarding.”

C/Lt Col Rudie earned his Eaker award, the second highest achievement in the cadet program, a month after receiving the position of Deputy Commander of Operations. He has seen much contribution to Civil Air Patrol at the Wing level. Serving as Warrior Challenge Obstacle Course OIC, and Cadet Commander a year later, a dream for him since he first staffed the event. He currently serves as the Maryland Wing CAC Vice Chair, hoping to help push CAC into a more organized and integral part of the Maryland Wing.
When reflecting on his time in the program he said, “I’m incredibly grateful for everything the program and the people in the program have given me. I can confidently say Civil Air Patrol has made me into the person I am today. Being able to be a leader and have this much responsibility is something kid me would have never imagined, I was a big dweeb back then. That’s why I try to give so much to the program, so others can enjoy the same life-changing growth I have experienced in the program.

 C/Lt Col Rudie is currently aiming on pursuing a Master in Motorsports Engineering, by first getting a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. He will likely pursue this degree at the University of Maryland College Park, which borders College Park Composite Squadron building. He then wishes to be a motorsports engineer, with the lifelong dream of becoming a Formula One trackside engineer. He believes the skills he has learned in Civil Air Patrol will be integral to achieve these ambitions.


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